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Make your vision a reality!

My Plan After 50 is an online life retirement planning and coaching resource that provides boomers opportunities to learn, plan, discover, and invest in their future. Based in Des Moines, My Plan After 50, a division of Employee & Family Resources, has been assisting individuals, families, corporations, and entire communities in resolving some of  life’s most challenging issues –  and they’ve been doing this for more than 42 years!

My Plan After 50’s professional coaches are trained to remove the barriers to success through collaboration that produce results for a vibrant and healthy life. Coaches facilitate the development of a personal plan and strategy with timelines for accomplishment. This process is conducted both online and on the telephone. In addition, clients have access to The Education Center: expert-led topical forums, and webinars – interactive live presentations. Companies planning for strategic growth and optimized employee performance also benefit from their services.

The planning process works this way: eight points on a compass are represented by a point leading to new possibilities. The eight key elements include: “social” – online communities with similar interests and life experiences to establish life-long friendships; “health: – diet and exercise holistic advice with certified health coaches and plan development; “purpose” – to become an agent of change for yourself, partner, family, and community; “resilience” – to increase adaptability to add value and vibrancy to your life: “relaxation” – a planned schedule to maintain life balance; “financial” – forecasting, planning and coaching; “family” – changing, restoring, and deepening significant relationships through coaching; and, “work” – exploration and implementing the extremes between a life of work and retirement.

If you’re beginning a plan, or already have one in place and want additional options to enhance your plan, take the time to peruse this informative website with fantastic resources that will get you on your way to leading a vibrant life after 50!