There are many resources out there for helping you realize your priority management goals. First, we recommend you spend some time (it is the New Year thing to do!) visualizing and documenting your priorities – establish the goals that will lead you to them. Then, we challenge you to choose a resource, learn the tools and practice the required improvements. You cannot, and will not, change habits without persistence and a determination to change.

Check out David Allen’s site for some great tools and his program “Get Things Done” – or GTD. “The purpose of the David Allen Company is to improve the quality of life by providing the world’s best information, education, and products that enhance personal and organizational productivity.” He has become quite the master at helping people get and stay focused.

For all of you Outlook users out there, we highly recommend that you visit their Microsoft site for Outlook. This email management tool can really assist in the overload of information management. Learn all of the cool features and adopt some of them as your new best practices for priority management.

“Vision without action is only dreaming

Action without vision is passing time

Vision with action will change your world!”

~ Robert Maddox