We talked previously about how cognitive exercise workouts are important for a lifetime of brain fitness. Like our muscles, which can be made stronger with focused, consistent effort, our brains have a plastic quality which can be molded and strengthened. It is the “use it or lose it” conundrum and video games, puzzles, learning a new language or how to play a musical instrument are the compensatory tricks that older brains use for more “neural juice.”

Our brain is the ultimate work-a-holic. It is the supercomputer, boss-of-bosses controlling all of the functions in body. The brain is tricky, and amazingly, anticipates what our eyes are going to see before the eyes do. Check-out this YouTube video for the Color-Changing Card Trick which illustrates “change blindness” (inability to detect discrepancies between scenes in a film or two rapidly presented photographs). It is good plain fun (did our brain really see a gorilla?) that’ll make you rack your brain, which is probably good exercise too!

To stimulate the production of that “neural juice,” brain training resources we’ve reviewed like PositScience and MarblestheBrainStore are outstanding. To add more tools to the kit, Lumoscity’s neuroscientists and game developers have designed entertaining exercises to increase brainpower, memory, concentration, focus, imagination, and creativity. And, you can keep your neurons cheery playing brain games at HAPPYneuron.

After all, the “harder you train, the stronger your brain.” Who knows, we might not be ready for this year’s Mind Sports Olympiad, but deliberate action now just might make us players in the next one. Now, that’s a no-brainer!