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Actively enriching lives!

Ben Lewis had one of those “aha” moments and founded Engage As You Age to allow loved ones to participate in leisure activities while they age in place. Lewis had realized that one of the largest groups in our society, our elders, were sitting home alone lacking companionship and stimulating conversation. Lewis, an expert on the subject of aging in place and technologies that keep families connected, set about making change. Since 2005, he has been leading panel discussions at churches, synagogues, public libraries, YMCAs and senior professional associations in the Bay Area and appearing in the media, like the CBS show “Start-Up Spotlight” and as an “Aging Innovator” on GilbertGuide.com, to raise public awareness about this important issue.

How does it all work? Three programs are offered: one-to-one visits; group discussions, and low-tech options. Studies show that social engagement slows dementia, balances blood pressure, and improves motor function. First and foremost, the carefully selected Activity Specialists are bonded, insured educated, thoroughly trained, and punctual. Individualized programs are custom-tailored to meet you and your loved ones needs. A visit runs 2-3 hours one or more times per week and each Activity Specialist is carefully matched for shared interests of each person involved. One-on-one visits can take place at home and also are available for residents of assisted living, and continuing board and care facilities.

Group programs at facilities consist of 1-2 hour informal and informative discussions on a wide array of topics such as current events, history, music, art, and literature and are led by experienced teachers with advanced degrees. Engage As You Age provides respite for families of loved ones suffering from mild dementia or early-onset Alzheimer’s. Activity Specialists read magazines, newspapers, and books to those with low vision. Low Tech Solutions are provided to get online and connect with family without needing a computer or an internet connection. Hi-Tech Solutions teach elders to use computers, digital cameras, cell phones, DVD players, and more. What an innovative solution to provide additional care and comfort for those close to our hearts!

We encourage everyone in the greater Bay Area needing companionship for their loved ones to visit this website. Baby boomer families will enjoy seeing their loved ones stimulated through great conversation and forging new and lasting friendships. We hope that this idea spreads to more regions across the country to keep our elders healthy, happy, and active.