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“It costs approximately $75,000 annually to maintain one person in a nursing home environment whereas the cost of outfitting a home with sensors that monitor, record and transmit information about location, medications and other key daily necessities would be a fraction of that nursing home annual amount. GrandCare’s system is an example of the active system/monitoring approach that will take the place of, ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’ passive alert monitors.” Ken Kerr, President and CEO at Home Controls.

Founded by Charlie Hillman, a MIT graduate, who wanted to help his grandmother “age in place” safely at her home as long as possible, GrandCare Systems, uses a combination of remote environmental sensing, passive physiological sensing, artificial intelligence and social networking technologies to allow the family/caregiver to monitor a loved one remotely without compromising dignity or privacy. The wireless system is user-friendly, easy to install, supported by professionals, and most important, your senior does not have to be computer savvy. The system can improve in-place as your senior’s needs change i.e. you may not need to track your loved one’s glucose levels now, but that feature can be added when needed without changing out any equipment.

GrandCare Systems consist of a central unit, which is similar to a TiVo box, connected to a TV or monitor, and an internet connection; wireless or wired. The components are selected based on a needs assessment of your loved one by professionals. The system provides a continuous display of news, weather, family pictures, letters, videos, music, E-mail, Facebook, Skype, reminders about upcoming events, activities, birthdays and anniversaries, weekly activities and brain games. The touchscreen has large buttons showing a picture of the information desired i.e. a lightening strike for weather button.

At the same time, the unit listens to a wide range of wireless sensors which monitor daily activities and wellness, such as:

  • Motion – monitors movement throughout the home, bedside, pillbox/medication holders, refrigerator, bathroom; even excessive wandering.
  • Door – sends an alert to family/caregiver if door opens at inappropriate time or if door isn’t opened when it should have been.
  • Action – loved one presses a specific button indicating an assigned action has been performed i.e. make a phone call, restart slideshow on TV/monitor or “I’m O.K” button.
  • Bed/Chair – sends alerts if loved one doesn’t go to bed or get out of favorite chair.
  • Temperature – monitors inside temperature and sends alert if out of set range.
  • Weight Scale – measures, monitors and graph’s senior’s weight.
  • Blood Pressure Cuff – measures, monitors and graphs blood pressure and prints out graphs.
  • Reminder Chime – rings a chime to remind a loved one about an important action.
  • Caller I.D. – prevents tele-scams from afar; photo of caller appears on GrandCare TVscreen.
  • Lights – turns lights on/off at dusk or dawn; turns on automatically if loved one gets up during the night.

Baby Boomers who utilized GrandCare with their senior loved ones before death, are using the system now in  their own homes to monitor their health to stay pro-active; to save money by monitoring the energy usage and keep as green as possible; to view thousands of pictures on their TVs; to save time by viewing the headline displays and weather forecasts on their TVs; to receive reminders of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries; to keep track of weight, blood pressure and blood sugar; to enjoy the entertainment, trivia, and nostalgia and brain games provided by GrandCare and to remotely monitor their homes while on vacation.