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“Baby Boomers are the first generation in droves trying to stay active in an aging frame.” Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, Havertown, Pennsylvania.

Linear Living, based in Hicksville, NY, is an easy to navigate marketplace selling products designed with style, comfort and flair for the baby boomer generation and perhaps their parents. Products include low-vision reading glasses and sunglasses; large format and talking watches and clocks; lamps and booklights, as well as devices for computers and to enhance hearing for those using hearing aids (or those who should be using hearing aids.)

You don’t have to look like your grandfather! Reading glasses, hearing aids and large format watches remind us of our grandparents. But, there is no denying the need. As the boomer generation reinvents the retirement years and lives longer, some assistance for clearer vision and accurate hearing will help maximize the enjoyment of the boomer lifestyle and the myriad of adventures we engage in. We want to see and hear better…only we ask to look hip while doing so.

Of particular interest, click the “Boomer Style” tab for high quality, stylish but affordable products to keep the squint and frown-lines off of boomer faces. Included are: large format, easy-to-read wall clocks with date, month, day and time; talking clocks with alarm and radio including large format weatherproof clocks; iCall Alarm Clock with iPod Docking Station; Bluetooth Neckloop for smooth use of your cell phone while wearing hearing aids, allowing clear conversations without strain or struggle.

Additionally, they offer; amplified mobile phones; cordless phones and answering machines all with large format keys and print; affordable computer screen magnifier (no more squinting at your screen); lamps, book lights, travel lamps, wireless speaker lamp and voice recognition memo book; digital tape measure; Loc8tor Object Finder; Dollar Bill Reader; scan reading machines; wireless large print computer keyboard; GPS voice navigator; video magnifier, and more!

We all want to age gracefully. The types of cool gadgets Linear Living offers will help us attain that goal.