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Wild, Wild, Horses!

Founded in 1997 by Neda DeMayo, Return to Freedom (RTF) is a wild horse sanctuary. RTF is the culmination of DeMayo’s life-long dream, when at the tender age of six; she saw wild horses being chased by helicopters on television. She promised that when she grew up, wild horses would have a home. RTF is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the freedom, diversity, and habitat of America’s wild horses. Wild horses live in tightly-bonded herd groups and RTF became the first sanctuary with a focus on rescuing entire family bands of wild horses and burros.

Baby boomer horsemen and horsewomen are sure to appreciate the effort RTF puts forth to preserve and protect the diminishing number of wild horses in America. Horses are a nomadic civilization predating humans by more than 55 million years leaving and reappearing numerous times. RTF manages various herds according to their geographic origins, and today’s American Wild Horse which has evolved over the years, is a re-introduced native wildlife species of diverse biological groups possessing their own genetic and historical significance. RTF is ready for expansion that will include a permanent National Conservancy where bonded herds will live safely and undisturbed for generations, as well as an Equine Educational Center. The Wild Horse Land Trust was developed specifically for this expansion. RTF’s educational programs include Living History Tours, Clinics, Youth Programs, Retreats, and Volunteer Work Study. All provide a direct experience with nature and animals through non-intrusive, sensitive observation inspiring a deep appreciation for the communities and family groups that exist in nature. RTF also works with the USDA pioneering holistic range management.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved as there are always projects at the sanctuary like carpentry and construction, painting, ranch maintenance, landscape and gardening, and equine care that need extra hands. Another way to help is to provide a loving home to one or more horses in need through fostering. Requirements are horse experience and resources to provide top notch long-term care. Horses are not available for sale or resale and remain protected by the sanctuary. You can also donate your new or used equipment and supplies through their Wish List.

We encourage all horse lovers to check out this fabulous website and get involved to ensure that our wild horses remain wild and free! Check out their calendar of events for upcoming eco-tours and special events.