Let’s talk about another kind of camp – grandma and pop camp, or aunt Wendy and uncle Peter Camp. That’s right, send your kids off to your relatives, or invite your grandkids to your home for a week this summer (depending on your perspective) – alone.

If flying is involved, we can attest that the airlines do a good job of tracking the kids and ensuring they arrive to their destination. The handoffs include numerous checks and balances, and if you have children that listen well, it is a piece of cake. Of course, direct flights are preferred, just to alleviate delays in airports…which none of us like.

Once at their destination – the relative’s house – you will likely have any number of ways to keep tabs; cellphones, text messaging, Facebook posts, email, Skype, Facetime chats…endless possibilities. But, let them go. Let them enjoy your family members by themselves and do fun things. These memories will last a lifetime.

Of course, as I type this and flash back on staying with my grandparents at about age 8 or 9. My brother and I had to clean the coy pond (while keeping our feet dry!), water the gardens, sweep the sidewalk, and help pop the beans for dinner. “Fun” is still not the word that comes to mind, except perhaps the bean part. I don’t recall going anywhere and believe the highlight was counting hundreds of dirty pennies…that we could keep if we counted.

So, if you are the receiving family member, plan an exciting time. Take the kids to a museum, aquarium, a ballgame, park, swimming pool, on any type of adventure that they will cherish. Learn about them and what they enjoy, you will likely see a different side of them, while sharing a side of yourself they may not have seen. Show them the “fun” side of the family!