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TLC for caregivers!

Nancy’s House was created by founder and president, Elissa Lewin after a conversation with Nancy Brown, her massage therapist. Nancy’s son has autism and the statement “it would be nice if there was a place for us to go to be taken care of the way we take care of other people” provided the seed for Nancy’s House. Lewin named Nancy’s House for her friend as a way of saying thank-you. Mother, wife, family caregiver, and licensed psychologist, Lewin uses the phrase “we get to where we are from where we’ve been.” and this is the driving force behind the creation of Nancy’s House. Nancy’s House is dedicated to the immediate and long-term needs of family caregivers. This non-profit residence provides comprehensive respite for family caregivers by meeting their physical, practical, and emotional needs through two nights of support, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

Baby boomers who are caregivers will love knowing they have Nancy’s House to turn to when they are in need of a break. The two nights in a serene and beautiful environment includes all healthful, simple, yet delicious meals. Caregivers can replenish themselves every four months through massage therapy, support groups, meditation, yoga, and stress management classes. Nancy’s House pays for caregiver coverage at your home while you are in their home giving you peace of mind knowing your loved one is being well cared for while you are away. How great is that! Enjoy casual conversations with other caregivers who walk the same path as you and can empathize with you. Professionals on staff are available to coach you on continuing self-care at home so you can maintain care of your loved one. The library at Nancy’s House contains information and resources for caregivers. They even provide their quick and easy recipes online like Planked Salmon, Potato-Bean Patties, and a deep breathing recipe for relaxation.

We encourage all caregivers to hop online and check out this wonderful website. Take the time to get away for a couple of days and reinvigorate yourself!