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Working for a safer world!

Way back in 1894, William Henry Merrill founded Underwriters Laboratories as an independent product safety certification organization in both the home and working environment. Even then families wanted products that kept them and their loved ones safe. Underwriters Laboratories pioneered testing, verifying, validating, inspecting, and creating safety standards to do just that. UL focuses on public safety products that are physically and environmentally safe. Today, more than 6800 professionals in 64 facilities and 27 countries worldwide share their expertise. All continue to advance safety science through research and investigation with integrity.

Baby boomers and their families can gain valuable insight into making their homes a safer place using the UL home safety checklist. Print it out and post it on the refrigerator as a great reminder of what has been done and what needs to be done. Log on daily to this valuable website for your daily safety tip and read their home safety articles. UL also measures a product’s sustainability. Check out their 10 easy ways to go green such as making your own non-toxic cleaning supplies using vinegar and baking soda. How easy is that! Test the purity and safety of your tap water from lead via your local health department. Did you know you can help prevent mold with good ventilation!  Get tips on seasonal safety. Change your furnace filter and practice fire evacuation. Check out your yards for tripping hazards and tune up your tools to prevent injury. Be sure to take the UL Safety Quiz and the interactive Home Safety Tour. We did! The results may surprise you.

We encourage everyone to commit a minute and tour your home from a child’s perspective looking for potential safety hazards. We know you want to keep your family safe and your environment healthy.