“More than 16 million elderly people are expected to be living alone in 2020.” Healthsense Website

Sonamba was founded in 2009 by pomdevices, LLC (peace of mind devices) and is based in North Carolina. This innovative company is the result of entrepreneurs who found themselves increasingly concerned about helping and staying connected to their elderly parents living alone or far away. They wanted an affordable service or appliance that was convenient and easy to use that allowed them to stay connected while empowering their parents to live life independently. They couldn’t find one so they designed their own.  Sonamba is their first easy-to-use mass-market device that allows baby boomers the ability to monitor their parents while allowing their loved ones to age in place.

Sonamba is an intuitive 7-inch touch screen LCD device that looks like a small picture frame or game controller and is mounted in the room where your senior spends the most time. It does not require WiFi; it is a cellular-based technology. It has no on-off switch, plugs into a standard wall socket and comes with three AA batteries for backup power in case of a power failure. It sends updates via text message and email based on sound and motion activity by comparing current activity with historic activity levels. Based on this comparison, Sonamba sends out periodic “all is well” or “attention is needed” alerts via text messages to family/caregiver’s cell phones. Sonamba also provides your loved one with verbal medication and calendar reminders, panic button for emergencies, brain games, the ability to send and receive emails and photos, and is a digital photo frame. The sensors keep boomers informed of the status of their loved one, not just in emergencies but every day.

A motion tracker in the device follows the senior’s routine. Additional activity monitors can be purchased for other rooms i.e. bedroom, bathroom or den for $49 each with no additional monthly service fees. If the motion detector notices a change in behavior i.e. a fall or the absence of movement, Sonamba automatically texts and emails the family/caregiver. It sends an alert if your senior fails to check in when verbally prompted to take medication or if your loved one hits the panic button. Once alerted, the family/caregiver can check in through Sonamba via telephone, email or text mail. It is synchronized with an iPhone app as well. If needed, Sonamba can call 911 in an emergency and announce your loved one’s location.

If your senior parents live six months in one location and six months in another, Sonamba “learns” historic activity patterns unique to each environment in a minimum of 7 days at each location. Move the Sonamba with them, reset it at each location and know that Sonamba is your peace of mind.