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Succulent sturgeon-sharing sustainably!

Pioneers of sustainably farmed California caviar, Tsar Nicoulai is the leading artisanal producer and recognized world leader in sustainable sturgeon production. Their proprietary tank farming techniques reduce the threat to declining wild stocks. Headquartered in San Francisco, the aqua farm itself is located in California’s Central Valley.

The farm is virtually its own micro-ecosystem where filtered water passes through a 4-acre hydroponics pond, cleaning and recharging the waters. Fish swim in pristine and mineral-rich waters void of mercury, residual pesticides, pollutants and chemicals and foster biodiversity, biological cycles, and biological activity. This process is compliant with Organic Food Production and Processing. The farm is operated under the EPA’s strict Best Management Practices for aquaculture facilities, monitored 24/7 ensuring optimal water conditions and routinely inspected for health conditions. Tsar Nicoulai’s breeding program is administered by the Department of Fish and Game of California. Natural aquifers and unique recycling programs have made Tsar Nicoulai earth-friendly and a favorite amongst top chef notables like Wolfgang Puck, Charlie Trotter, and Rick Moonen. They are the only caviar company to have won the James Beard award.

Baby boomer caviar aficionados can enjoy hand-selected and hand-packed premium caviar and roes such as the California Estate Caviar, which boasts both creaminess and headiness of the White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus). Special occasions call for the rarest and most spectacular buttery and creamy Crown Jewel that leaves a rich, clean finish on the palate. Accoutrements include Smoked Sturgeon Mousse and Buckwheat Blini Mix. Pick up mother-of- pearl spoons for that extra touch of elegance and stunning Presentoirs of hand blown glass, silver, and mother-of-pearl. Additional delicacies include Smoked Sturgeon and Smoked Salmon. Wow your guests or gift friends and family with fabulous collections such as The Entertainer featuring selections of their most popular roes, a blini pan and mix, and 4 mother-of-pearl spoons.

When in town for the weekend, take advantage of their traveling “Caviar Bar”. Whether it is for Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Picnics, Luaus, Tailgates or Reunions, Tsar Nicoulai makes any social event sublime. Packages feature an elegant caviar bar setup, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, blini’s/crackers, crème fraiche, a knowledgeable attendant, insurance, and clean up. Utilize the Caviar Butler Service for a romantic evening for 2. They have several packages to choose from and don’t forget to ask for a bottle of champagne!  Champagne and caviar were made for each other. Head to this unique website and delight in all the delectable delicacies they have to offer. Bon Appétit!