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A community beyond borders!

Headquartered in Boston and founded in 2001 by David Santulli, United Planet (UP) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to foster cross-cultural understanding, friendship, and community support to unite the world in a community beyond borders. This mission is achieved through a global network of leaders and volunteers, as well as local, online, and international programs. UP has engaged over 5000 volunteers and members over the past decade helping to create a world in which all people understand, respect, and support one another through Relational Diplomacy. This is the basic building block and underlying principle for all of UP’s innovative programs resulting in an appreciation for cultural, racial, and religious diversity that enriches lives worldwide.

UP’s specialties include volunteer abroad, international volunteer, volunteer travel, community development, humanitarian work, and cross-cultural understanding that baby boomers and their families are sure to appreciate and will want to investigate. Their holistic approach integrates local, international and online initiatives. These initiatives facilitate ongoing engagement and access for people of all cultures, nationalities, ages, and socio-economic classes to participate and each program feeds into and builds momentum for the other.

Choose from United Planet Quests and make a difference volunteering in any of 40 countries from 1-52 weeks. Immerse yourself in culture and language of the country you choose. The Cultural Awareness Project expands horizons and ignites curiosity through cross-cultural presentations and storytelling for schools and communities worldwide. United Planet Ambassador Clubs promote and foster global understanding and leadership skills among the world’s future caretakers via school and community clubs. The Online Humanitarian and Cultural Exchange gives you opportunities to connect with people from over 150 countries for cultural exchange, friendship, and discussions of important regional and global issues. United Planet Day will have you celebrating global friendships and cultures during the Fall Equinox – a day on which the sun shines equally on all people on Earth. We love this!

The Cultural Awareness Project (CAP)  provides opportunities for people to come together and learn from each other’s experiences and backgrounds and promotes global understanding on a local level, while Community Development Projects allows UP to undertake sustainable projects that provide support for communities in need. United Planet plans to open a Global Community Center (GCC) in every country where they work hosting community programs to address local needs, celebrate diverse cultures, and connect to other GCC’s. Everyone should visit this superb website providing yet another great way to get involved!