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Scenic, interactive cardio fitness!

Virtual Active is a San Francisco-based media and technology company and world leader of revolutionary virtual reality exercise. Founded by President and CEO John Ford, Virtual Active licenses its content and interactive video technologies to leading manufacturers of cardio-entertainment systems, experience-driven health clubs, and directly to end-users. VA offers a cardio experience that entertains, motivates, and enhances performance with professional training tools and gorgeous visuals of iconic locations. Believing that television detracts from the workout and determined to provide a better visual experience, VA began their journey on a coastal redwood trail in California loaded down with test equipment. Since then, along with partners Indoor Cycling Group and Matrix Fitness of Johnson Health Tech, they continue to find new and innovative ways to continue the experience.

Virtual Active is a virtual trail experience that transports baby boomer athletes to exciting locations around the world to provide a more enjoyable and effective cardio workout. Exercise at your own pace with the Basic workout or choose the Guided workout where a VA trainer appears on screen to help structure your workout by telling you when to vary your speed and the resistance of your machine to reach your target RPE (‘Rate of Perceived Exertion’). RPE is an individual scale so this is only a suggestion and you need to know your limits. We recommend individual users, business facilities, and fitness managers check-out this website for a unique cardio experience. The Virtual Active by Matrix premium cardio line brings the outdoors to cycles, steppers, treadmills, elliptical, and A-trainers with built-in music mixed with sounds of waterfalls and animals. The MyRideV3 is a 17-inch touch screen media player loaded with HD content for an endless journey alongside stunning footage.

Thirty-five minute scenic running or hiking DVDs taken by the staff and the founder allow you to hike or run Wild California, the Northern Rockies, American Northeast or Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest. Sweat in the shadow of volcanic Mount St. Helens, climb to a deserted fort atop the Black Hills of South Dakota, cross the wind-swept plains of the Beartooth Plateau, and experience the thunderous waters of Niagara Falls. Individual DVDs or packs of 5 provide something for everyone. Check-out their Gym Locator to see if there is a Virtual Active location near you…and get going on your own virtual adventure!