Art is always subjective. Whether subtle or in your face, looking at art shifts the mind ever so slightly into a different sphere. Art can be many things including a place to go for reflection or inspiration.  It can be public like the recent Armory show in New York or simple and personal, like a print hanging on your living room wall. It can be restorative, sensual, revive deep emotions and memories and purge pain. Meditative, complex, challenging and a refuge, the art experience takes us into another level of ourselves. This week we focus on healing and wellness through the arts and we’d love to have you weigh in on the subject.

Healing Programs

  1. Cancer Really Sucks
  2. Well Arts Institute
  3. Healing Through the Arts (HTTA)
  4. Art & Creativity For Healing (ACFH)
  5. Changing Images Art Foundation

Exploration & Education

  1. The Art of Elysium

Healing Through Travel

  1. Artisans of Leisure

Wellness Through Engagement & Community

  1. SALT (Syracuse, Art, Life, Technology
  2. United Roots Oakland
  3. Laughter Yoga International

Meditation Retreats

  1. Ananda in the Himalayas
  2. Holy Isle
  3. Rolling Meadows Meditation Retreats
  4. Shambhala Mountain Center
  5. Simple Peace

Art Museums – Venues for Reflection

  1. Smithsonian Institution
  2. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  3. J. Paul Getty Museum
  4. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
  5. Museum of Fine Arts