By now you know that April is National Garden Month but did you know it is also Stress Awareness Month and Pets are Wonderful Month? What better way to de-stress from all that tax preparation than to take a walk in the park with your dog? Parks and gardens offer a place to escape the hassles of life and quiet the mind for a brief time. Most neighborhoods have a green space for a brief pause, a short time-out from our intense jam-packed lives. A quiet sanctuary can be anywhere you wander – perhaps it’s a matchbox-sized oasis right in the concrete desert of the city. Or, perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an indoor or outdoor labyrinth nearby where you can walk and meditate, instead of walking horizontally and vertically through taxing gardens of figures! If you are an armchair ambler, pick up a copy of a book we’ve mentioned before called  Open Spaces, Sacred Places about community engagement to create public green spaces. You might want to check-out the TKF Foundation whose mission supports the book’s vision. A few moments on the website is enough to empty the mind of all those columns of numbers.