Claudius Galenus, or Galen was a master of medical philosophy who believed that the body was the physical repository for the soul or spirit. We agree today that whole body wellness is essential and that a holistic approach includes not just the vessel but also mindfulness. The strength of that connection to who we are links to our emotional health. Our overall wellness connects to that part of our cultural heritage that is our story.

An interesting TED talk recently touched on the importance of staying in touch with our humanity, especially as our worlds become more and more virtual. Anthropologist Elizabeth Lindsey collects cultural knowledge passed down as stories and lore. According to Lindsey, when an elder dies, it’s as if a library is burned. Healthy living includes keeping our stories alive. Some excellent resources we’ve reviewed for preserving our life stories are Personal Historians, Life History Services and for building a family history with your kids, Family Search.

A creative resource for healing that we’ve reviewed is The Art of Elysium, founded to encourage working actors, artists, and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions. This idea has quickly caught on to form a community of people who enrich lives of critically ill children at both children’s hospitals and pediatric care facilities.

Another resource for enriching personal mindfulness is Artisans of Leisure who believe in the power of travel as a way to learn about the world, strengthen international understanding and economies, preserve local traditions and broaden one’s self. 

Our cultural heritage is part of our story that keeps us in touch with our humanity. We discovered an amazing way for healing the global community and enhancing personal emotional wellness at the same time through a participatory art project called INSIDE OUT. Checkout this amazing video and get involved at to become part of the global picture!