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Say Cheese!

Mark and Deneane Ashcraft are celebrating their fifth year of production of the North Valley Farms Chèvre. This small family-owned-and-operated Grade A commercial Dairy and Farmstead located in the northern part of the fertile Sacramento Valley was purchased as bare land in the 1980s. Mark and Deneane come from great stock as 6th generation descendants of California Pioneer Families. Deneane is full-time herdsman, milker and cheese maker while Mark takes care of the small Angus cow herd, hay operations, marketing, and assists with care and maintenance of the goat herd and facilities. The farm’s mission is to leave as little imprint on the land as possible and this is achieved through sustainable practices.

Baby boomers will enjoy the fact that North Valley Farms Chèvre cares for animals in a humane and sustainable manner. Goat herds graze on 60 acres of certified organic land. This farm continues to grow and evolve and currently supports the dairy goat herd, a small herd of Angus cattle, and grows a portion of their own hay. No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers have been used on the fields for over a decade. Goats are healthy, hearty, and long-lived, born and raised on the farm. They produce on average over a gallon of milk per-day throughout the ten month lactation. The goats are the focal point of the farm – out running around in the grass and yes, just being goats! The Ashcraft’s farm is the first goat dairy to become Animal Welfare Approved in the United States. The “Grade A” certification means the milk is sampled monthly by the state, and is required to meet or exceed quality parameters. Food and product safety and the animal facilities and dairy were designed with the safety and comfort of both animals and people. All rooms in the dairy are climate controlled with large windows providing views of lush fields and gardens. A room with a view!

Cheeses of exceptional quality are clean, wholesome, free of hormones and antibiotics, and all stages of production from milking to wrapping and getting to market has garnered the farm numerous awards. Cheese made at the farm consists of award winning fresh and seasoned Chèvre, fresh Greek style feta, marinated feta, and raw milk-aged tome style cheese.

We hope you support sustainable community farms by visiting this website to see where you can pick up some cheese the next time you are in Northern California.