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Your elderly and fiercely independent father needs in-home assistance but refuses to have caregivers invade his privacy. Predictably, he refuses to even discuss an assisted living facility and refuses to allow the words “nursing home” uttered in his presence. Many adult children struggle with the dilemma of maintaining the independence of their beloved seniors at home while balancing the need for oversight to insure their safety and health. Feeling secure and safe while aging in place is a priceless gift for your senior … and for you.

Founded in 1990 and located in North Carolina and Wisconsin, SimplyHome connects families nationwide to provide a sense of safety and comfort for seniors living at home and their families. By using innovative technology, SimplyHome provides maintenance-free, inconspicuous technology alerts to families, caregivers and certified EMT staff via sensors that detect potential needs, problems or unplanned events.

Initial needs assessments establish a normal set of daily activities and patterns for your senior and a deviation from your loved one’s routine triggers an immediate alert via phone, text or e-mail to a designated caregiver and/ or family members. The system also provides a constant connection to a central call center fully staffed by certified EMTs. Family members decide which alerts should be directed to the call center or to designated family or caregivers and the form of the alert, whether text message, phone call or e-mail message.

The system is unobtrusive, requires little or no maintenance and can be moved easily to another location. The Basic System (Pers) requires only a phone line and includes a personal emergency response button worn on a wrist or as a pendant around the neck. If your loved one is unable to press a button, the sensors automatically send an alert if the daily activity doesn’t occur or is unusual. Sensors can be changed and sensors can be added as needed. The Butler System uses a wireless broadband connection and a phone line and includes the Basic System as well as stove sensors, medication supports and environmental controls.

For those uncomfortable with technology, SimplyHome partners with a national company, Mr. Handyman, to provide installation assistance for a small additional fee.

There are no annual contracts so cancellation of the SimplyHome system is a non-issue; however, most families begin with the Basic System and gradually upgrade to include the expanded capabilities of the Butler System.

Using SimplyHome technology not only provides security and safety for seniors aging in place but reduces the cost of full time in-home care and eliminates the need for costly assisted living facilities and nursing homes.