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Balancing earth and community!

Stokesberry Sustainable Farm is located in Olympia, WA and was founded in 2007 by husband and wife team, Jerry and Janelle Stokesberry. The Stokesberrys began by raising meat and planting seeds for produce for their family back in 1975. Their dream was to one day sell their products to others. So, Janelle set about learning about chicken processing with a plucker and Jerry began conversations with restaurant owners and chefs. With their encouragement and guidance, the Stokesberrys began raising organic chickens and their sustainable business was born. Their mission is to provide healthy food for the community through sustainable practices. They feed their animals organic feed, provide as natural an environment as possible with chemical free pastures and always treat their animals with dignity.

Through conscious choice to farm sustainably, the Stokesberrys  raise grass-fed beef, chicken, turkey, duck, pork, and eggs. All are hormone and chemical free. Baby boomer families appreciate and support those who grow healthy food and share their efforts with the community. Those living in the Washington area can support local Farmers Markets around Olympia, Seattle, and the Yelm Co-op. Who can resist loading up on fresh and safe maple, sage, garlic, sweet Italian and hot Italian chicken sausage! Our mouths are watering! Families may opt for going bulk with the bulk-ground chicken and bulk-ground chicken patties. Peking duck is available as well. The Stokesberrys are planning on expanding their offerings to include healthy and nutritious vegetables and berries. Stokesberry Sustainable Farm is certified organic using nature’s way to care for the animals and crops that play their part in the sustainability food chain. This is yet another great website that allows us to choose our food wisely and support our local communities. Give them a visit when you’re in town and be sure to follow their blog.