www.greatcall.com – GreatCall (previously Jitterbug)

GreatCall, Inc. CEO, David Inns, announced Jitterbug’s name has changed to GreatCall, Inc., the leader in delivering targeted mobile services to people looking for a high-quality and high-touch service experience. We previously reviewed this handy phone and the service provided. GreatCall offers a variety of ways to stay connected, safe and healthy all by using the cell phone’s new mobile health and wellness applications including medication reminders, wellness calls, check-in calls and 24/7 live nurse. The company’s Medication Minder application was awarded the “Hottest Gift for the Health & Wellness Nut” at the 2010 CTIA Hot for the Holidays awards competition in October; this is GreatCall’s second award from CTIA, the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry.

Baby boomers pride themselves on making informed decisions about their health and wellness. Ensuring that important medication is taken as prescribed and tracking that compliance is another way to manage optimum health.

The GreatCall Medication Reminder service enables users to establish and follow their medication schedule exactly as prescribed by their physicians. They schedule calls that ask if prescribed medication has been taken and every answer is tracked. Users can access a chart of adherence to each medication by logging in using any of GreatCall’s handsets, including the award-winning Jitterbug J cell phone, or calling 24/7 GreatCall customer care representatives. Users can print their personalized charts to share with physicians and family to ensure their prescribed regimen is being followed. For transplant patients, their families and physicians this service is invaluable, and possibly life saving.

The company name change does not affect the applications to enhance your health previously offered under the Jitterbug name: Text Messaging; The Check-In Call; Live Nurse; The Wellness Call; Daily Health Tips; My World and My Calendar. The Jitterbug cell phone carries the same features for seniors: No Frills; Bigger-Than-Normal Buttons and Extra Powerful Speakerphone.

Click the link to their easy to use website www.greatcall.com and explore all the features and benefits of these premium services offered by GreatCall and discover how you can manage your health and wellness simply and effectively. Your families will be glad you did.