Last week we talked about garden clubs and beautiful public gardens. One of our founders is on an adventure to the tulip festival in Skagit Valley of Washington. She reports passing fruit trees for miles and an abundance of grapes that are sure to give Napa Valley a run for the money. She will blog about her adventures later this week.

It is also time for vegetable garden planning; tilling the earth, mapping out the plantings, choosing the seeds. We have reviewed the fabulous Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company in the past, and want to suggest a few more resources for your consideration.

Last year my children planted heirloom carrots that grew in four different colors. Their flavors were remarkable, the white ones being the sweetest. While searching for more seeds of this nature, I stumbled across the “2011 Green Thumb Awards.”

The winners are from two categories; plants and products, and they are:

2011 winners – plants, bulbs and seeds

  • Grafted vegetable plants-Territorial Seed Co.
  • Tickled pink grape-Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.
  • Salt and pepper cucumber-Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  • Double oriental Lily ‘magic star’-Van Bourgondien
  • All-ways Greener brand grass seed mix-Gardens Alive!

2011 winners – tools, supplies and accessories

  • Thatch control- Natural Industries
  • Encapsulated compost worm cocoons- Gardens Alive!
  • MiniGarden- EarthBox
  • Bean grow bag- Gardeners supply
  • Timelapse ProjectCam- Wingscapes

Direct Gardening Association provides a nice overview of each of these products. The white-skinned pickling cucumber looks pretty enticing!

Take a look at the incredible choices these great seed catalogs offer. Heirloom and organic seeds have become mainstream and yield some yummy summer delights. I think I will contemplate tomato choices for another week, just because the website surfing is so satisfying!

  1. Seed Saver Exchange
  2. Terrior Seeds
  3. Park Seed Co.
  4. Sustainable Seed Co.
  5. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds