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Lions, Tigers, and Bono. Oh my!

Edun was founded  and launched in 2005 by Ali Hewson and her husband Bono (yes the one and only) at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio as a for-profit fashion brand whose mission is to encourage sustainable trade with Africa by raising awareness and promoting the local economic opportunities in Africa. Edun’s contemporary fashion is made in Tunisia, Tanzania, Kenya, China and Peru. Edun’s main focus is trade, however the company sources organic and sustainable materials whenever possible and they require every factory to be audited by a third party on an annual basis to ensure the fashion brand’s strict code of conduct is being followed.

The Conservation Cotton Initiative or CCI Uganda Program was co-created by Edun and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Based in the Gulu District, CCI assists farmers who are returning to their land by providing funding, tools, and training to grow a sustainable cotton business and provide a fair market trade for their cotton. Edun also partnered with Made Africa to produce a series of tees that bring to life drawings made by children from the Bidii School in Kibera, Kenya. All proceeds from these sales go back to fund basic needs. To date Edun Live has produced 700,000 African made t-shirts and is dedicated to growing their capacity in Africa every season.

Baby boomers will love the Lookbook Collection that marries rawness and luxury. Luxe wool, tweed, and soft leathers make for a dressier look with superior attention to detail. The Patched Swing Coat of 100% wool for women in black and grey is gorgeous and the black Cape Wing Dress is stunning. Women’s closets should have a pair of the black Cropped Pegged Trousers for dress-up and dress-down. So versatile! Men should consider the 100% cotton Work Shirt (worn by Bono in the Luis Vuitton Core Value Campaign) as a must-add to their wardrobe along with the Rilke Poem Scarf in 100% organic cotton. It’s so cool, buy two as the woman in your life will want her own! The Pete Bracelet in 20% brass and 80% cow leather is unique and a fabulous accessory for the guys. It’s a wow!

We love this website that packs a punch for organic, eco-friendly, and stylish fashion. This must-see website is beautifully done and provides ethical fashion. Check back often for their newest collections and do your part to help narrow the gap between developed and emerging countries.