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I am the boomer family member responsible for keeping tabs on all family related pictures and memorabilia, even those from grandparents, great aunts and great uncles. My family’s history is a bunch of photos, newspaper clippings and memorabilia stashed in a large box stored under my bed. I do have a few special albums with old photos lovingly placed on each page, but many are missing notations of names, places or dates.

My precious grandfather died three years ago leaving my beloved grandmother bereft and lonely. His death sapped her energy and will to live, resulting in her death two months ago. As I gathered family photos, clippings and memorabilia for her memorial service, I reflected on the possibility that my unique family history is in danger of slipping away from future generations, especially the stories behind the photos and clippings.

Family Line Studios, founded by Susan Saunders in 2010, offers an opportunity to capture your family story in a documentary which will be a family heirloom treasured by generations of family members. Using filmed interviews in the home of selected family members, along with retouched family photos, documents, clippings and memorabilia, Susan weaves them into a nostalgic, emotionally satisfying family story. She skillfully edits and organizes the filmed interview and inserts the retouched photos, maps, clippings and documents (wedding certificates, letters, death certificates, etc.) into stages of life using headings, transitions and music for a professional family history in DVD format.

My mother always wanted to write down her life story, but never quite got around to it. The Personal Documentary gave her the chance to share her story with her children and grandchildren in a very personal way that was fun and easy. The whole family got together for Mother’s Day to watch the premier.” Cheryl M.

Even well documented photo albums don’t allow us to hear the voices of our loved ones or discover the stories behind all the photos deemed important enough to save. Voices, personalities, emotions and nuances are captured for future generations, as well as treasured family stories, photos and documents; all in DVD format.

The website is handsome and easy to navigate. There are five two-minute video clips of sample family histories which provide an excellent idea of the quality of the finished product as well as the skillful portrayal the human emotions and priceless family stories captured for each family.