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Heritage meets west coast!

Located in British Columbia, Canada, inKlein Design is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Sigurdur (Siggi) and Leona Klein. They design and manufacture unique eco-knitwear for man and baby. Apparel and accessory collections are created from certified organic wool, natural bamboo and organic hemp and silk mixes. Yarn is used in its natural color and only procured from sustainable sources. Leona is from Scotland and her designs reflect this rich heritage. She has a degree in Design & Manufacture from Heriot Watt University. Hailing from Iceland, Siggi, “maker of great coffee, heads the company and takes care of the technical stuff.”

Eco-fashion loving baby boomers will find the fine and rare natural fibers of natural baby alpaca, giviut, and bison used in these luxury collections irresistible. All pieces are fun, practical, wearable, hand framed, and finished to the highest standard. Baby Alpaca is gathered from the alpaca’s first fleece which yields soft, silky, luxurious yarn in natural colors and shades of white, brown, and grey. Qiviut is the under hair of musk ox and gathered from combing the animals in shedding season. Only 200 lbs. of combed Qiviut are available in the world annually. It’s light yet warm and natural brown and grey in color; one of the finest fibers in the world, these pieces are limited editions. Hand combed Bison is gathered from the naturally-shed undercoat and comes in rich shades of brown, with the finest fibers coming from its flanks. Bison is silky, warm, and hypo-allergenic. A small herd provides a limited resource, so these pieces are an exclusive and limited editions, as well.

Men’s collection pieces that we love are the Baby Alpaca Tunic Style V-Neck Sweater in cream with roll hem and cuffs, the Adventurer’s Vest in chocolate and lined in hemp/silk, and the Qiviut Texture Scarf in natural which is made to order. The Viking Helmet in chocolate/dark grey is fabulous! For babies we love the Baby Alpaca Nautical Stripe Cardigan in white/dark grey and matching Nautical Stripe Hat. Granny’s Fair Isle Dress in white/light tan is adorable! The Qiviut Embellished Fisherman’s Tunic and matching Embellished Kelpie Hat will make you smile. Everyone looking for some remarkable fashion needs to checkout this website. So cool!