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Your beloved grandfather, in another state, was recently widowed and is feeling lonely and isolated from the family. Frequent flights for visits are not an option; he refuses to move and he refuses to have a computer. How can you and the extended family stay connected with him and enhance his quality of life?

Presto Services, Inc., located in Los Altos, CA, was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs with large extended families who saw the need for a simple way to keep family members connected via e-mail, even those members without computers or internet access. Designed for the 78 million baby boomers and their aging parents, Presto Services, Inc. includes the Presto Mail Service, Presto Connect Account Manager Website and Presto Printing Mailbox, developed in partnership with Hewlett Packard.  Presto is an e-mail machine for grandpa and grandma.

“I don’t need an e-mail machine.” “I’ll never use it.” “It’s too expensive.” “It’s too big.” “I’ve gotten along just fine without it” are a few of the quotes from recipients of the Presto before set up. Presto Website

Using any e-mail account, you, your family and friends send e-mails, photos, maps & directions, boarding passes, tax forms, to-do lists, medication reminders, greeting cards, etc. to the Presto Printing Mailbox. The Presto Mail Service converts regular e-mails and attachments into beautiful, easy-to-read color printouts that are automatically delivered three times a day, at the times you schedule, to the Printing Mailbox located in your grandfather’s home. There is no limit to the number of letters, messages, lists or attachments you send. Set up is as simple as plugging the Printing Mailbox (looks like a small printer or fax machine) into your grandfather’s power outlet and existing analog phone jack. Insert paper and an ink cartridge and he’s ready to receive his first e-mail.

Set up also includes: creating his e-mail address i.e. grandpab@presto.com via your own PC or by calling Presto Customer Care Representatives who will set it up for you over the phone; specifying who can send e-mails (to eliminate spam e-mails); scheduling the three times each day when the printed e-mails are transmitted to his Presto Printer and deciding how the printed messages should look by selecting font size and decorative borders. Sign him up for free articles, recipes and puzzles from Presto Partners including Better Homes and Gardens and Tribune Publishing. There is a Presto Mail Preview tool to preview your messages, cards and letters prior to sending them.

Your grandfather will find that Presto is simple and easy to us because it is a receive-only e-mail service. To respond, he picks up his phone and calls you; the sender’s phone number is printed on each delivered e-mail.

“I LOVE IT!!!” “Wonderful!” “I’m thrilled!” “Best present ever!” “Brought me back into the land of the living.” are a few quotes from recipients after using their previously unwanted Presto Printing Mailbox. Presto Website

The Presto Mail Service has an annual fee, but no contract, and a minimal monthly amount. E-mail senders are not charged a fee and there is a 24/7 online Help Center for questions and assistance.

Your special elder can stay connected to family and friends from anywhere in the U.S. – and not have to learn any new tricks!