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Are you a boomer who stands long hours chopping vegetables, baking and doing the dishes for your frequent family gatherings? Do you and your grandchildren love to do crafting and art projects standing at your kitchen island? Do you work out or choreograph dances in your home gym to stay healthy and trim? Are you on your feet in the laundry room or at the workbench in the garage or even at work? Is “Oh my aching back!” a constant refrain in your life? To reduce the muscle fatigue and discomfort associated with standing on hard surfaces check out WellnessMats. We love your WellnessMat, it has been a lifesaver for my mother and her back and leg problems and they are going to purchase more because we love them so much.” JaKell Meckley, Salina, KS

WellnessMats, headquartered in Troy, MI with manufacturing just outside of St. Louis, MO, and manufactured using advanced polyurethane technology (PAT), was founded in 1996. The mats were originally designed as the anti-fatigue mat of choice (Maxum Mat) for hotels, salons, airports, professional kitchens and retailers. The edges are gradually tapered to reduce tripping and the mats are stain, chemical, puncture and heat resistant as well as bacteria resistant, easy to clean and have non-skid bottoms.

In 2005 these soft, resilient and buoyant mats, were introduced for the home environment (Traditional Mat). They offer anti-fatigue performance for comfort, safety and well being while standing on hardwood, ceramic, cement or tiled floors. They offer your feet, back and knees unsurpassed comfort, support and performance.  Every WellnessMat (Maxum and Traditional) is offered with a 30 day trial money back guarantee, an unprecedented 7 year warranty and is 100% recyclable.

Recently, WellnessMats introduced the new Motif Collection where “comfort meets design.” The Motif Collection features a decorative selection of patterned relief mats with the same advanced polyurethane technology, 30 day trial money back guarantee and the 7 year warranty for an anti-fatigue mat that remains buoyant and springy.

Baby boomers who are informed, earth-minded, focused on wellness and interested in the success of the American manufacturer & the American economy, have made WellnessMats a best seller. “Just half of the products people use are made in the U.S.; if 1% more were spent on American-made items, 200,000 jobs would be instantly created.” ABC News

If you are looking for a great American-made gift for a serious cook, crafter, or Mr. Fix-it in your life, WellnessMats are a must-have. You’ll make someone happy and help create more jobs in the U.S.