It’s possible to produce great tasting wine that promotes health and the environment. According to the Town Hall Coalition of Northern California, there are five compelling reasons to drink organic wine: 1) better flavor and taste; 2) keep chemicals out of your glass; 3) support organic farmers and their health; 4) protect groundwater quality; and, 5) prevent soil erosion. Many wineries are turning to biodynamic agriculture which goes a step beyond organic – a holistic approach to farming with the idea that the farm is looked upon as a living organism.

The following are among some of the vineyards and wineries which deserve kudos for their efforts in sustainability. Although California dominates the U.S. wine scene, many others across the country are coming on strong. We’d love to hear about your favorites as well, and we hope we’ve given you something to think about with your next glass. Cheers, prost, skål, salud, santé, sláinte, happy trails!


  1. Frey Vineyards
  2. Grgich Hills Estate
  3. Paraiso Vineyards
  4. Parducci Wine Cellars
  5. Shafer Vineyards
  6. Silver Mountain Vineyards


7. Persimmon Creek Vineyards

New York

8. Bedell Cellars

9. Jamesport Vineyards


10. Bjornson Vineyard

11. Cooper Mountain Vineyards

12. Hamacher Wines


13. Shelburne Vineyard


14. Badger Mountain Winery

Here are our kids enjoying the free run of the Seresin Estate Chardonnay in New Zealand, 2006.

Made our daughter exclaim, “I want to be a winemaker!”

What a perfect little winery, with incredibly gracious staff.

We hope to return there someday and encourage you to check it out!


15. Boedgas Iranzo Spain

16. Château Haut Garrigue France

17. Familia Cecchin Argentina

18.  Kerana Chile

19.  Sandalford Wines Australia

20.  Seresin Estate New Zealand