We love waterfalls! To hear the roar of huge volumes of water cascading over rocks and witness the raw power and beauty of waterfalls is to be touched for a moment by magic.

There are many Bridal Veil Falls across the country that would make a memorable spot for a wedding. And waterfalls can pour on additional romance to the honeymoon setting. For waterfalls galore, we nominate Washington State and for learning everything you’d want to know about waterfalls, the World of Waterfalls and the Great Lakes Waterfalls & beyond websites are excellent resources.

In the Pacific Northwest region, Washington’s Palouse Falls, Wallace Falls, Merriman Falls and Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail are standouts. Montana’s glacial turquoise Kootenai Falls and Skalkaho Falls are gorgeous gems. And, Wyoming’s Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls have to top any list. Idaho’s Shoshone Falls is a beauty, as is Oregon’s Multnomah Falls.

Pacific and Southwest Region waterfalls include Hawaii’s Honokohau Falls on Maui, best seen by helicopter, California’s amazing Yosemite Waterfalls, and Arizona’s Havasupai Waterfalls.

The #1 pick for weddings and honeymoons has to be New York’s Niagara Falls. A not-so-well-known jewel in the Northeast is one of Massachusetts’ most dramatic, and its highest single-drop waterfall, Bash Bish Falls.

Mid-Atlantic and Southern goodies include Kentucky’s Cumberland Falls, The Cascades of Virginia, South Carolina’s Raven Cliff Falls, Alabama’s Desoto Falls, Arkansas’s Cedar Falls and Georgia’s Amicalola Falls.

For baby boomers heading out of the country, a global list has to include the following:

Angel Falls Venezuela

Athabasca Falls Canada

Canonteign Falls England

Dettifoss Falls Iceland

Powers Court Waterfall Ireland

Rhine Falls Switzerland

Wasserfaelle (Krimmler) Austria

We’ve only touched on a few of our favorites. We’d love to hear about yours. Send us pictures and video so we can share with our fellow baby boomer waterfall devotees!