30 years since high school – yikes! Where does 30 years go? When you are in school, it seems you will NEVER get to be 21, or 30, or married – time seems to drag on. And then these things begin to happen and time takes off, passing by at warp speed.

I hadn’t been back to visit these friends for 25 years. Having attended an all-girls school, one might think there was cattiness and showmanship. Quite the opposite. One friend remarked several times, “everyone is so much nicer now.” I have mentioned this to my high-schooler, who is weaving her way through the drama of life as a teen.

It is a beautiful thing that we grow and learn as we teach our children the things we thought our parents knew nothing about – way back when. And with the wisdom and confidence that close to 50 years of life imparts, we return to our roots and pick up in place better than the one we left.

I have not been a very close friend to many of my classmates, but I very much enjoyed the camaraderie of the reunion. I also appreciated the strong ties that many of them have maintained. We share memories of a time that was fun, funny, easy, hard and ever changing. We were becoming ourselves.

We all went on to sow more seeds and overcome bigger challenges. And now we ARE ourselves. Sixty confident, beautiful, graceful women (and the significant others who marvel at them) attended this reunion. As with such gatherings, there was not enough time to visit with everyone, which is truly the only disappointment of this event. I felt honored to be among these women, and to have shared in a small (and cherished) part of their lives so many years ago.

Many things improve with age – such as the joy of reminiscing. I can’t wait to reunite with this remarkable group in another five years!