Summer draws people together for various fun reasons, one being reunions. One of us just returned from a 30th high school reunion, where many younger boomers gathered. Another of our team has the most incredible reunion story to tell – an inspiration to all.

The trip for the 30th included a couple of family reunions as well, and illustrated how very quickly children grow and lives change. On this summer solstice eve, we invite you to contemplate how long tomorrow will be and how much you will make of the day. Will you connect with a friend from long ago? Squeeze that grandchild who will sprout into a teen seemingly before the sun sets tomorrow?

However you choose to spend the longest day, may it include others and bring you joy. This is a “mini-blog” only meant to introduce our theme for the week – reunions. Watch for the specifics of our experiences, and feel free to let us know about your favorite reunion experience.