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Chair’ish Fitness-Any Chair-Any Where!

Born from the necessity to continue to teach her dance and aerobics classes while sporting a fractured ankle, Jodi Stolove came up with the concept of Chair Dancing®, a unique seated fitness program which combines the pleasure of exercise, dance and music while seated in a chair.  Stolove is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Michigan and has a MS in Counseling Psychology. She has taught dance and fitness for the past thirty years. Her programs improve muscle tone, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. They are medically sound with no high-or low-impact. They have no impact!  People restricted by age, physical condition, and limited mobility and unable to participate in conventional forms of exercise now have a new fitness option. Variety is both physically and psychologically advantageous, and senior boomers seeking ways to exercise without any impact can now say hooray!

Chair Dancing® has been featured nationally on NBC’s Today Show, This Morning on CBS and many others. They have been acclaimed in print publications including The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Chicago Tribune. Many prominent health care facilities offer this fitness alternative including Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers, Harvard University Health Service, Eisenhower Medical Center, Scripps Clinic and the Mayo Clinic. The Chair Dancing® videos received a “Best Buy” award by Consumer Digest.

Chair Dancing® is fun, beneficial, and convenient. It can be done in a limited amount of space, on any surface, in any place, and in wardrobe of your own choosing. Get the whole baby boomer family involved with DVD, Video, and Audio Sets. Stretch and relax with Simply Stretch and Chair Yoga or opt for strength training to stimulate bone growth, improve posture, balance, and mobility, and decrease body fat with Sit Down & Tone Up. Want an aerobic workout to burn calories and tone muscles? Then go for The Original Program, Life’s A Celebration, Through The Decades, and Around The World. You might even want to pickup their logo tee shirt to workout in. Very cool! Whatever you decide, make sure the fitness program you choose is practical, convenient, right for you, and one that you will enjoy. Release those endorphins we all need so much!