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Brain fitness for life!

Founded in 2000, HAPPYneuron is an award-winning, scientifically based brain fitness program that provides quick, convenient and entertaining ways to exercise and minimize the natural effects of aging of the brain. Designed for people of all ages, HAPPYneuron’s comprehensive cognitive training program maximizes the brain’s natural capacity to learn and adapt to new information by stimulating and enhancing attention, language, memory, visual-spatial and executive function skills. The end goal of improved brain function, health and vitality is met by applying knowledge and research from the field of Cognitive Neuroscience making for a positive impact on the lives of individuals participating in their brain fitness program.

All baby boomers and their families can play brain fitness games that challenge the mind and keep it in top form. The brain games are adapted to each individual’s ability and guidance is provided from a personal virtual coach who will suggest a variety of games to test every area for a balanced approach for training. Games range from easy to difficult. You are guided through the selected exercises in sequence, thereby creating new connections in the brain and enhancing your cognitive reserve at the same time.

If you prefer, you can choose your own training program from eight different options: Work My Weaknesses; Least Played; Oldest Games; Memory Challenge; Attention Challenge; Language Challenge; Executive Function Challenge; and, Visual Spatial Challenge. The program automatically adapts to your progress by increasing the difficulty to get you to push the envelope. Recommendations are highlighted with a yellow star at the start of each new game. You can compare your performance to the performance of others your age, gender and education level so you get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses, and where you need to adapt on your path to continued improvement.

A personal test of Secret Files and Entangled Features found them to be great fun and yes, challenging – saying such words as rats, ah, oh no, yea – I nailed it! My accuracy increased the more I played and my speed increased, as well. So, give it a shot and visit this website to start incorporating brain fitness into your lifestyle. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!