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An active life is a recipe for longevity!

Based in Garden Grove, California, Nifty after Fifty® is an innovative fitness club designed to cater to the needs of baby boomers and older adults. It was founded in 2006 by Sheldon S. Zinberg, M.D. Dr Zinberg is also the founder of CareMore Medical Group whose focus is on senior health. Dr. Zinberg realized that anyone regardless of age or level of fitness could benefit from safe resistance, endurance training, nutritional guidance, and mental exercise. Zinberg purchased health club memberships for 500 of CareMore’s senior members and within 12 months they saw a dramatic decrease in fractures and hospitalization in those with the health club memberships. He wrote the book Win in the Second Half and in doing so, he found that fitness clubs were not meeting the needs of mature adults. Thus, Nifty after Fifty® was born. There are currently 26 locations in four states including California, Arizona, Texas, and Nevada with more soon to come.

Baby boomers and senior boomers will enjoy top-of-the-line equipment, programs, music, and ambience all designed for senior comfort and safety. Scientifically developed programs allow mature adults to maintain or regain their strength, flexibility, balance and mental acuity. Services include the clinically supervised full-body training, personal nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and Brainaerobics. Customized fitness programs include balance and fall prevention classes, group exercises featuring yoga and mat Pilates, and spa services. All are under the guidance of a caring and highly skilled staff to ensure safe and beneficial workouts. Social events include makeovers, dance nights and movie matinees.

The program beings with a thorough evaluation with trained coaches and physical therapists. They assess cardiopulmonary health, strength, flexibility, resting metabolic rate, body mass index, percentage of body fat, and percentage of muscle mass. The end result is a totally personalized fitness program. Every visit is by appointment only to ensure members the equipment is available for use and experts are present to guide you through your routine. Your workout plan is coded on a USB key and the data is stored so that it can adjust for the next workout session. So boomers, get moving! Visit this website for a holistic approach to fitness. Revive, refresh, and recharge! Follow their blog and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.