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Good for what ale’s you!

Sustainable and organically certified Squatters Pub Microbrewery was founded in 1989 by friends Peter Cole and Jeff Polychronis. After drinking a beer at one of their favorite spots in Oregon, they decided Salt Lake City needed a microbrewery. They embarked on a year-long pub crawl (what a concept!) and visited more than 40 brew pubs throughout the west. They analyzed what made the most popular ones work and then designed their microbrewery from the best they had seen. Squatters Pub opened its doors in Salt Lake City’s central downtown and helped to revitalize that area by infusing life and vitality.

Twenty-two years later, Squatters Pub Brewery/Salt Lake Brewing Co. has a microbrewery and three locations. Their brew-master, Jennifer Talley, has been brewing for over 20 years and was honored with the Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Brewing this past March. She is the first woman to achieve this honor. Kudos!

Squatters “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy of People-Planet-Profit matches with our baby boomers’, their friends and families personal ethic. They commit to their customers and employees, source healthy ingredients, and use environmentally friendly products and services from within their local eco-region.  Beef, pork, and lamb are purchased from local ranchers for their restaurants. They greened the restaurant with waterless urinals, dual flush toilets, high temperature dishwashers, and recycling. They engage in a Cork Reharvest Program and support TapIt– the only water bottle refilling network in the U.S.

Squatters world-class handcrafted award-winning brews, eco-friendly establishment and unique history has spawned a craft brewing culture most would never have imagined in Salt Lake City. Known nation-wide for its flavorful beers, Squatters served up a record amount of beer and burgers during the 2002 Winter Olympics. Baby boomers will savor the cool goodness of handcrafted beers including the silver medal winner Organic Amber Ale brewed with premium organic pale and caramel malted barley and aromatic hops. 1The perfectly balanced gold medal winner India Pale Ale boasts generous hop flavors and aromas along with the malty goodness of premium English barley. The Reserve Series includes the “Old World” style Belgian farmhouse ale and gold medal winner Fifth Element. Seasonal brews include the smooth and creamy full bodied Espresso Stout with a hint of espresso. Bring it on!