Just in case any of you baby boomers out there are off to the waterfalls we recently recommended you visit, we want to show you how younger generations have decided to enjoy them.

Tyler Bradt, a Montana boy, is the unofficial record holder for highest waterfall ever descended by KAYAK – yes, I mean he went over it in a tiny, tiny vessel.

Here is the video clip that likely makes his mom shriek…if she can even watch it!

Tyler Bradt Kayaks Palouse Falls, WA – have a look and keep breathing!

Tyler had only minor injuries from this feat, and has gone on to co-produce a movie about such extreme adventures – Dream Result (released in 2010).

We admire that he has turned his passion into a creative venture, and wish him well in his death-defying feats. Two years ago in Costa Rica, our family sought out all nearby falls, we swam in them, swung from ropes, watched young adults dive 40+ feet, hiked to them through the jungle – returning at dusk as the monkeys howled. But most incredibly, my husband and I rode by horseback 2+ hours to one beautiful falls setting, swam and soaked it all in, only to find out the ride back would be mostly IN THE DARK. Now, for us…that was scary!