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Save species and offset carbon footprints!

Saving Species is a volunteer organization founded in 2008 by Stuart Pimm and is comprised of a collaboration of conservation professionals whose sole objective is the prevention of extinction of species. Through a ratings service, this highly dedicated group recommends small non-governmental organizations they believe to be doing great work on local conservation projects. Saving Species purchases degraded land in areas of high biodiversity and then engages the local communities to restore and protect the land. They collaborate by providing the scientific information to donors that in turn help underwrite each project. Saving species is endorsed by some of the world’s most prominent biologists all working together to help the world become carbon neutral.

Baby boomers will love the current project to save Colombian Hummingbirds and Orchids. If you purchase an acre of forest in desperate need of restoration, you will help prevent the extinction of 11 species of birds including the critically endangered hummingbird known as the Dusky Starfrontlet, as well as incredible plant life like the Dracula Orchid. What an amazing opportunity! Successful projects include the Greater Bamboo Lemur Conservation Project in Madagascar which restored vital habitat for this cute critter. Through the planting of saplings, many from local nurseries, employing local keepers for fire prevention, marking the conservation area boundaries, and the engagement of locals for future plantings, this project has been hugely successful. Another success story was restoring the highly endangered coastal Atlantic Forest in Brazil. The Golden Lion Tamarin Project resulted in the protection of 20,000 plant species, 930 bird species, and the reintroduction of the Golden Lion Tamarin to its native habitat.  Outstanding!

If you know of an area where a species is being threatened submit a proposal and have this elite group consider it. Jump on this simply amazing website and be a part of their next success story.