Most friends thought we were a bit nutty to throw a party for 25 freshman. But, since the same summertime party was such a success last year, and it is a great group of kids, we did it again. I thought I would share some thoughts on the success of the party for these teens.

  1. We were the only parents, so no one else had to have their parents there.
  2. We had lots of fun games planned and actually scheduled them in an order that made sense to our son.
  3. All games had prizes – iTunes gift cards, candy, store gift cards…
  4. Some of the games: sack races, three-legged races, basketball competitions, water balloon fights, and the all time favorite – pie eating contest. We kept them busy!
  5. Pick a sunny day, so everyone stays OUTSIDE.
  6. We had a handy sheet with all ICE #’s (in case of emergency) – felt like insurance…if you have it, you will not need it.
  7. Dinner was all kid food, and they ate ravenously. ALL food prepped in advance.
  8. Tape and markers to put names on water bottles & soda cans – way too much waste otherwise.
  9. Culmination was a fireworks show that parents were invited back to watch upon pick up…and enjoy a glass of wine.
  10. Take lots of photos and even videos, but promise not to post on Facebook without kid approval – some sensitivity to pie eating pictures last year!

Notes to self:

  • Start at 5 PM, as 4-10 (or 11 for some) was a LONG time.
  • 300 water balloons is still not enough, and hide all of the hoses!

Check out this three-legged race video!

It thrilled us to hear the kids say, “this was the social event of the year!” It wasn’t as hard to entertain teens as one may think – summertime fun is still that — FUN!