Our bucket list is a large wicker-basket kept full of classics and best sellers waiting to be read. Maybe you’re the sort who looks for light and frothy beach or cabin reads. Or you’re only satisfied by hefty and juicy graphic novels whose characters and plotlines keep you endlessly engrossed in their worlds. Now you’ve made that next leap forward after lots of dithering. You’ve got the newest Kindle or Nook, or other e-reader like Borders Kobo. Admit it, you love it! Just throw it in your briefcase or purse and go. A member of our team is passionate about the latest color Nook, with touch screen, apps, e-mail, web and video! Read this excellent New York Times review about how “e-book readers just took their first slimy steps out of the primordial soup.” You can download free e-books, many of which are classics! Nevertheless, we’ve still got a foot firmly planted in the real-book world and suggest you tote paperbacks to the beach – don’t get sand in the Nook!

Baby boomers can shop for scads of accessories for e-readers and you aren’t limited to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders – other companies make them, as well. First, you’ll want protective covers. One of our team has Amazon’s Lighted Leather cover for Kindle purchased at the local Best Buy which is nifty but pricey ($59.99). A Dodocase cover makes your Kindle look like a book and you can get designer covers for your Nook. DecalGirl makes loads of skins (stick-on, removable protection) for all e-readers and more.

It’s fun to take a look at all the bells and whistles online e-tailers offer to tart up e-readers. There are totes and charms, car chargers and more. But, when it comes to e-books and accessories, everybody has their own preference. We may have missed a few e-tailers that you think should have been included. Feel free to make any suggestions or criticize our picks in the comments section below.