Author: Doris Gallan.

Doris Gallan is a world traveler, travel coach and author who retired from her corporate career at age 46 and built her “second act” career around traveling and writing.

We recently read her travel book published earlier this year. Doris is one of our uberboomers and you can read the fascinating profile on our website on how she achieved her dream job. For baby boomers seeking travel advice tailored to their needs, this book is an essential guide to knowing what to expect when traveling or living abroad. Doris also talks about working abroad, learning abroad and volunteering.

Doris provides practical tips, invaluable insights, and entertains us along the way. She discusses how to avoid risks to health. She gives useful tips about staying safe. She talks about language barriers, local foods, getting to your desired destination, efficient transportation while there and accommodation issues. Doris knows what she is talking about, having traveled to seven continents, 50+ countries and lived in five.

The book is neatly divided into five chapters of easy reading. She ends each section and chapter with a personal anecdote – with humor. After an introduction, Doris discusses why boomers travel, and what to expect when traveling – this is especially helpful to those who’ve been timid about breaking away from structured tours and all-inclusive stays and traveling off the beaten path. The tips and advice given are valuable, whether you are planning a short vacation, an extensive trip or thinking about joining the ranks of expats. If you’ve ever wanted to live abroad, Doris provides information about navigating all the ins and outs. We appreciate that Doris writes as a baby boomer for baby boomers with practical solutions to issues often ignored by the tourism and travel industries. She calls herself the “boomers travel coach” and we’re glad she is. Read this guide and you’ll achieve your travel dreams in next-to-no-time. The book isn’t widely available, but you can buy it in paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in paperback and as an e-book from BookLocker.

Because the nature of travel and the industry is constantly changing, the guide is kept up to date with websites provided for ease of reference. You can contact Doris at any of the following:!/boomertraveling.