Some of the best adventures occur not far from home. We just enjoyed a weekend fishing in the northwestern corner of Montana, and two nights in the remote town of Yaak. Our trip was with Linehan Outfitters, and included two nights in one of their very special cabins on the outskirts of Yaak, above the Yaak River.

We met our guide, Sean, in Libby and floated the Kootenai – from the dam to Osprey Landing. We had done this stretch once before in our own boat, and were not graced with nearly as many fish that time. Sean was fantastic.He knew that river well, and the sport inside out.

Joanne and Tim Linehan are wonderful hosts and run a top notch lodging and outfitting business.


On our own the following day, we stalked them on the upper Yaak, in the most gorgeous of settings. A drive further north took us to Lake Koocanusa. Just beyond the lake, between the towns of Rexford and Eureka we crossed a stream that begged us to stop for a look.

As I crossed the nearby footbridge to find a shady picnic spot, I peered over the bridge to see a sight I had not seen in years…pools of red fish! Yes, they were Kokanee on their spawning run out of Lake Koocanusa (great technology enabled us to video them so you could see them too!). VERY cool! They must have been a special Cirque du Soleil breed, as they entertained me endlessly jumping and flipping out of the water.

This flyfishing weekend made me think of fun times we have had fishing in New Zealand. And for comparison purposes, I thought I would include a picture of one of my husband’s fish on a trip last spring. They measure the trout in pounds there, while we measure them in INCHES!

Either way, it is a great adventure!