We are committed to sustainability and there are tons of resources online now that help you leave behind a light footprint. Sites like Resource Revival that creates arty and functional products from recycled bicycle parts or what they call “rebicycling.” Another, SPLAFF, upcycles race car tires and bicycle inner tubes into useful sandals, bags and other accessories. Spencer Peterman makes amazing recycled wood products from dead trees in western Massachusetts. For that baby boomer that has everything, Tokens & Icons offers a unique collection. And, there are toys with integrity for kids like Crayon Rocks, all natural soy wax crayons made from USA grown soybeans and colored with mineral pigments.

Some of our picks for the best-of-the-best resources that support Fair Trade practices for eco-minded baby boomers include Eco-Artware for the entire family, including Fido and kitty! What man couldn’t use the Fire Hose Wash Kit made from a genuine decommissioned British fire hose. You can support American small family farms with Organic Dog Fetch Balls hand-formed out of organic, dye-free wool or Catnip Carrot Toy for Cats handmade in Indiana that contain ½ cup of organic catnip.

Another favorite of ours is Green Toys, an award-winning line of classic toys constructed from recycled milk containers and other environmentally friendly materials. Their toys are all made in America and packaged and shipped in recycled corrugated boxes.

Other sites we like:



Stroke of Art


Eco Toys & Clothing

Under the Nile


Maple Landmark

Wood Toy Shop

For baby boomers, it’s about core values driving lifestyles choices. We are doing our best to walk lightly on the planet.