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Living lightly on the earth!

Eco-Artware.com is a web-based gallery which serves up unique eco-friendly, upcycled, recycled, reused, natural, sustainable gifts that are great for any occasion or simply just because. Founded in 1999, they support Fair Trade and independent workshops. Their artists utilize green mediums, and are committed to sustainability. Through the use of recycled or reused materials Eco-Artware.com creates custom designed business promotions and awards and they have been featured in numerous publications including Planet Green, Time, Good Housekeeping, Sierra, Women’s Health and Parenting.

Eco-minded baby boomers are going to love this website. Start by picking up the Recycled Chopsticks Folding Basket made entirely out of recycled, single-use bamboo chopsticks from restaurants by designer Brian Parks. It is completely sanitized, perfect for holding fruit, and taking on picnics or to parties. We love it! What man couldn’t use the Fire Hose Wash Kit designed by Elvis and Kreese, and made from a genuine reused decommissioned British fire hose. It is sturdy, water resistant, and lined with high visibility military-grade waste parachute silk. So very cool! Women will love the Clockwork Heart Earrings designed by Jim Mullan and Tori Rhoades. These sterling silver wire drop earrings are crafted from colorful copper and stainless steel and adorned with recycled watch parts and found objects. Heads will be turning and conversations flowing. Unique and visually stunning!

Boomer kids and grandkids will love playing with the Eco-friendly cherry wood Cubebot made from sustainably harvested cherry wood and designed by David Weeks. This perfectly cubed paperweight rises up into a Cubebot and can assume a variety of action poses with “elastic-band” muscles and durable limbs. Good luck getting the baby boomer kids and grandkids away from this. Even pets go green with artist Pam Wheelock’s Organic Dog Fetch Balls hand-formed out of organic, dye-free wool from small family farms throughout the U.S. The wool is processed with gentle non-toxic soap and the center of the ball contains a small non-metal squeaker tucked inside a cloth packet. The Catnip Carrot Toy for Cats is handmade in Indiana from organic, dye-free fleece and contains ½ cup of the finest organic catnip. Carrots are double-lined with cotton canvas for strength and durability, and knotted hemp cords allow for safe chewing. Be sure to check out their blog and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Happy shopping!