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Empowering family members to provide care support for an older loved one by including them in the “digital loop”.

FamiliLink launched its easy- to-use subscription based website for seniors in 2009.  Their mission is to bring peace of mind to family members by including less tech-savvy loved ones into the digital world. Computers and websites can be too complex for some technology challenged individuals and this is especially true for seniors. Even more tech savvy seniors are likely to become challenged because of age-related conditions like glaucoma, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease which prevent them from using the internet as they did before.  However, FamiliLink’s simple-to-use interface and application suite makes it easy to compile digital content for instant contact with those of utmost importance. This allows users to feel more comfortable and confident, while making it easy for caring boomers and their kids to communicate with their aging parents and help with caring support, a dual approach.

A communication gap still exists between generations even though seniors are using email.  Baby boomer grandkids use a variety of communications including social networks, photo and video sharing sites and mobile technologies while using regular email less often. Kids are quick to embrace new technologies, which widens the communication gap further.   FamiliLink bridges that gap by letting everyone within the family circle continue to use their preferred digital communications (Picasa and YouTube) to stay in touch with less tech savvy individuals.  Photos and videos sent as email attachments to FamiliLink users will automatically display inside FamiliLink.  Boomer’s aging parents have a safe and secure personal website (spam free) in FamiliLink. The key to FamiliLink is that it does not require others to change their digital / online behavior.  Friends and family continue to use their own preferred communication tools to stay connected with their aging loved ones.  Baby boomers will appreciate the peace of mind afforded them through the daily schedule of helpful reminders about important appointments, medications schedules and health tips for their parents.  We especially appreciate that FamiliLink is designed specifically for older adults with clear, easy-to-read fonts with bright colors, and large buttons and tabs making for a simple, easy-to-navigate site that is both safe and secure.