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Hearing and communication solutions.

HearingPlanet is the leading independent network of healthcare professionals in the country and the largest and fastest growing “Direct to Consumer” hearing care provider with over 1,100 clinic locations throughout the country. HearingPlanet is known for providing cutting edge information about hearing loss and hearing aids.  They simplify hearing care by providing easy access to an Endorsed Local Clinic in your area, with competitively priced hearing aids and a trained Hearing Consultant to provide superior professional service while guiding you to the right solution.

Studies have shown that untreated hearing loss affects our emotional and social well-being. HearingPlanet provides the latest hearing aid technology and offers a wealth of information to help you improve your quality of life. When researching hearing aids, it’s important to choose a hearing care provider that offers multiple brands and models enabling you to find the right hearing aid for your needs. Being informed is the foundation for a successful hearing aid fitting. Compare prices and technology. Select a hearing aid that fits personal preference along with degree of your hearing loss.

HearingPlanet makes purchasing hearing aids easy and convenient with their 3-step process. Start with a free phone consultation from a Personal Hearing Consultant who will complete a hearing profile about your communication needs, lifestyle, and expectations. This is followed by your Hearing Consultant scheduling an appointment with a local HearingPlanet professional at one of their Endorsed Local Clinics. Last, the hearing aid selection is made based on your test results and lifestyle. The HearingPlanet professional will discuss all options and make recommendations.

The free Hearing Aid Buyer’s Guide provides you with invaluable information and facts about hearing loss, explanations of hearing aid styles, technology, and options. The Guide also has tips about what to watch out for when buying hearing aids, comparison charts of the latest hearing aid brands and models, and advice about learning to hear again with hearing aids.  Prices vary per hearing aid and services include a hearing test by a local professional, guidance with hearing aid selection,  delivery and programming and 1-year follow-up service. Additionally there is a 45-day trial period, 1-year factory warranty, and loss and damage insurance. Be sure to check out their “Accessories and Batteries Store” which includes TV Ears, Batteries for Hearing Aid and Cochlear implants,  PocketTalkers,  Bluetooth Headset, Amplified Phones and Mobile Phones, Audeo PFE EarPhones, and much more.