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Cycling the roads less travelled!

Since the mid 1980s, Pedalers Pub & Grille, a small boutique bike tour operator has been offering extraordinary award-winning cycling tours, holiday tours and multisport adventures in Asia, Alaska and the Pacific. Tours combine outstanding value with luxurious comfort and sustainable travel concepts are utilized to ensure respect for cultural and environmental sensitivity. Pedalers Pub & Grille travels politely and they have been honored with National Geographic’s Best Tour Companies on Earth, Top Ten Bicycle Tours and 50 Tours of a Lifetime.

Baby boomer cycling enthusiasts are going to love meticulously planned cycling adventures in Thailand, Laos, Bhutan, New Zealand, Bali, Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, China, Nepal, Cambodia and Tibet. Experienced cyclists guide your trips to provide you with better insight into the culture and an amazing journey of discovery.

Trips are accompanied by a two person team. One rides “sweep” on their cycle and the other follows in the “sagwagon.” You have the freedom to ride at your own pace with daily routes averaging usually 35-65 miles. Tours embrace a variety of terrain ranging from flat farmlands, undulating hills and spectacular alpine passes. Local expertise opens doors to hidden gems and wonders. Inn to Inn rides feature intimate hotels, inns and restaurants that are locally owned and run. Boutique lodging feature full ensuite bathrooms with hot showers, comfortable beds and clean rooms. Breakfast is eaten at the hotel, lunch at a local café and dinner at a local restaurant specializing in regional cuisine. North American trips are camping tours and campgrounds feature hot showers, running water, and flush toilets. Gourmet dining includes mesquite grilled chicken with spring greens and smoked salmon.

Four types of tours to choose from are Scheduled Tours, the Enthusiasts Tours, Casual Tours, and At Your Request Tours which are privately guided tours that the whole baby boomer family will enjoy. Experience exotic alpine locals like Thailand’s Valley of the Mists full of lush, tropical forests. Journey through history and follow the route of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush, or get ready for the 2012 Once in a Lifetime global bike adventure. Celebrate 25 years of touring and join the crew for 8 months cycling 6 continents with 22 destinations. Wouldn’t that be awesome!?