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Preserving your past, present, and future!

Located in New York and co-founded by Tom Cortese and Jason Fotinatos, Proust, Inc. is part of the InterActiveCorp (IAC) family of businesses. Cortese and Fotinatos recognized the importance of passing along life stories through the generations so they started Proust to help guide people through the process of recording, preserving, and sharing their memories, thoughts, and aspirations which spark meaningful conversations along the way. Cortese’s resumé includes product development for Pronto.com and Product Manager for Revolution Health. Fotinatos is a magna cum laude graduate of Vassar College. He began his career as a software engineer and was an initial member of the engineering team at Pronto.com.

Baby boomers and their families will appreciate that Proust.com was inspired by the 19th century French writer Marcel Proust (Remembrance of Things Past and his madeleine moment of recalled memory). Their Proust Questionnaire embraces Proust’s spirit of sharing. The process begins with a quick 1-minute registration and then you can begin to tell your story, view your story, and share your story! Stories can be public or private and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter. Choose any chapter to begin your story and start answering questions. Chapters include Remember the Time, High School Years, Love Songs, and Family Portrait just to name a few. Some questions can be answered readily while others are thought provoking and will have you delving deep within yourself. Helpful prompts make the process very easy and confusion free. Your personal storybook starts to unfold after you have answered your first question.

We recommend that you answer a couple of questions and then go to your storybook page. You will find the following tabs: Lists shows answers to the questions you have completed; Storybook shows chapters you are building from questions you have answered (very interesting); Map shows where your events occurred. Make sure you add the place when answering the question; Timeline is your life story timeline of events; Memorabilia Box is your collection of photos, videos, historical documents, recipes, artwork etc.; and, Tagged In shows stories from family and friends that include you. As your journey through life continues to unfold, you will find yourself going back to this fantastic website time and again to document your treasured moments. Preserve your life story while memories are fresh. Your future descendants will be glad you did!