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Safety Tubs was born when the founders saw a need for a product that would allow individuals experiencing lessened mobility to retain their independence, allowing them to live safely, comfortably and with dignity at home. The Safety Tubs mission is to provide customers with feature-rich, walk-in bathtubs complete with the latest and most comprehensive therapeutic technology.

Boomers will appreciate that their aging parents can enjoy the very best in workmanship, quality and customer service. Safety Tubs integrates customer feedback into product design with every change and improvement to enhance ease of use, safety, functionality and comfort for the customer. This results in highly specialized tubs of superior quality and construction. Safety Tubs’ history of innovation has led to its current award-winning line of acrylic walk-in bathtubs which are resistant to stains, cracking, mold and bacteria.

Here are the details.  Safety Tubs are low entry and ADA compliant with built-in chair-height seat, safety bar, textured flooring, multiple therapy options, premium fixtures, “Ozone Self-Cleaning System,” “Chromatherapy,” and “Aromatherapy.” Clients have many options to choose from with an extensive inventory that includes acrylic tubs, gelcoat tubs, seated safety showers, safety tubs for kids, and tub accessories.

The Premier Walk In Tubs are great for active seniors, elderly people, disabled people, and people with limited mobility. Acrylic Walk In Tubs are baths made of mold and mildew resistant acrylic and provide a rich, high-end look for any bathroom. Bathers can surround themselves in safety and comfort with the innovative Acrylic Seated Safety Shower specifically designed to provide secure, comfortable and convenient shower experiences for everyone. Using cutting edge technology, this wholly-integrated seated shower unit features a wide comfortable built-in seating area, generous dimensions, integrated wrap-around safety grab bar, and cast acrylic construction. Walk In Bathtubs Made To Fit Your Bathroom ensure snug, proper fit in almost any bathtub space by using a panel system called the “Extension Kit.”  The Safety Tubs Kids is fun and a temporary bath conversion for kids. This was the 2010 People’s Choice Award Winner.

Safety Tubs offers many different options and features.  The Deluxe Walk In Bath is 37″ deep, spacious, comfortable and holds 80-gallons of water with a deluxe massage system, chromatherapy, aromatherapy and the patented ergonomic “T5 Door System.” Boomers will be tempted to head for grandma’s house to de-stress.  Go to their pleasing, user-friendly and innovative website and watch the Safety Tubs Video to learn how these tubs are made, or take a virtual tour. We are grateful to Safety Tubs for providing boomers and their parents and grandparents a safe, yet luxurious bathing experience.