Have you given any thought to giving your kid that extra edge for getting into the college of their choice?  If you want your kids to be able to get in to any college they’d like and not be stuck taking college classes online, then consider the fact that more and more parents are sending their kids on trips in order order for them to fare better on college applications and during the interview process. Although you may or may not agree with the concept, this is a popular approach and it is quite competitive now.

WorldStrides offers educators, elementary, middle, high school, and university students, and parents a personalized approach to student travel. They create an educational experience for each student to help develop life-long skills and a passion for learning that extends well beyond the classroom. At GoEco, they go way beyond the textbooks in classroom with excellent yet affordable wildlife, education and development volunteer opportunities. International Student Volunteers’ projects are combined with action-packed adventure travel and life-changing experience. Over 150 universities worldwide grant course credit to students for their participation in an ISV program overseas. Another example for college level students is the ARKive and Universities Scheme which provides students with the opportunity to study relevant subjects, and research and write ARKive species profiles as part of the assessed coursework. Students have the opportunity to see their work published on ARKive’s award-winning website.

There are other best-of-the-best we previously reviewed that you might want to consider. We like Student Mentor which matches college and graduate students and young professionals wanting career or academic advice with professional mentors nationwide. For ocean loving baby boomers and their families, getting involved with BlueVoice, Blue Ocean and Ocean Institute gives inspiration and provides meaning that adds to our personal well-being and vitality.

We’d love to hear from other baby boomers and their families about personal experiences with adventure travel that includes educational and volunteering programs. If there’s more you’d like to know about a top adventure getaway, just Ask Bette Boomer Do you have an adventure trip that we can recommend to our readers? We’d love to hear from you.