Empowering us to help preserve and protect our oceans!

BlueVoice is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) ocean conservation organization co-founded in 2000 by Hardy Jones and Ted Danson. The mission of BlueVoice is to protect dolphins, save whales and other marine mammals, and raise awareness about toxic chemicals including mercury, PCBs, and organic pollutants in our precious and vital oceans. BlueVoice draws on the films produced by Hardy Jones/Julia Whitty Productions. Their film If Dolphins Could Talk inspired the Heinz Company to no longer accept tuna caught by surrounding dolphins with nets. HardyJones is a former journalist with CBS News and UPI and has been making television documentaries about the oceans and marine mammals for over 20 years. Ted Danson is familiar to most of us as a film and television star and highly respected ocean activist.

Ocean, whale, and dolphin loving baby boomer families will love the material offered up by this outstanding website which includes streaming video, audio, text, images and animated content that informs, educates, and inspires us to contribute to the preservation of our oceans. Read about Chopper: One Dolphins Life and download a video clip of an incredible interspecies relationship that has lasted more than 20 years and continues to this day. Whales provide insight into the efforts of BlueVoice to help end the continual threats whales face each and every day. Did you know that killer whales aka orca whales are actually the largest of the dolphin species and have never been known to attack humans out in the wild? Visit the Shark section and learn how shark finning has decimated shark populations. Read stories on Ocean Issues and learn about the link between ocean toxins and human blood cancers and why the San Juan Orcas are on the brink of extinction. We saw the L Pod while we were on Orcas Island and they were spectacular!

Watch the Web Films and download podcast videos from iTunes. Watch Humpback Whales in Singing Whales Under The Gun and learn why these beautiful gentle giants should remain completely protected. It really opened our eyes! Dolphins Meet Sharks At Rangiroa shows the astonishing relationship between dolphins and sharks as they co-exist at Rangiroa Atoll in French Polynesia. Find out what you can do to help and visit the BlueVoice Shop for some great looking apparel.